Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

The country I’ve visited that appeared to have a better situation for mothers and children was Iceland. Their daycare system is subsidized by the government and even when the country had its calamity recently the adverts taken out in the newspaper included the words Think of the children in them …

I also remember reading an anthropology study way back in the 90’s (published long before) which described how children were included in the conversation in the family. If the child interrupted the conversation say, the attention would turn and focus entirely on what the child was contributing rather than shushing him/her then when the child was finished the conversation would resume. The anthropologist (who for some reason is coming back to me as Arenberg (?) recorded these observations in a family set up. Generally there was a great deal more ease around children I noticed when I was there.

I also remember being struck when I was there, and I was not a mother at the time, how children were included everywhere, in bars, restaurants. I recall a line of silver cross prams outside bars and so on.

With the current economic calamities it would be interesting to learn how this has changed. I must ask my good friend there about it. The economic situation has been pretty brutal from what I’ve heard.

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