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On falling: Sylvia Miles

She’s fallen several times, once in front of Michael’srestaurant on her way to lunch a few years back, breaking both wrists.

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  • Lori W. says:

    Wow. I really don’t like the tone of that article, and the byline especially. Can’t one celebrate her eccentricity without absolutely humiliating her?

  • mrsokana says:

    I was singularly interested in the mention that she fell over.
    But I did enjoy the description of her apartment as an “art installation”. Also i watched an interview with her on youtube and she’s so completely her own woman that the writer couldn’t touch her. He just seemed boring. She in full bloom.

    There’s an excellent piece on bedbugs in the Upper East Side in the same issue — you might enjoy it. It’s kinda astonishing the extent people go to to avoid disclosing they have them.

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