Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

I continue to think on the line of a tumbling sequence and the shape of a sentence. Throwing a tumble or a single move requires you to launch your body and you will not be assured of the outcome. (ie. feet or flat on your arse). The hop step into the first movement in any tumble (The round off) is critical because you cannot throw it from two feet, it must be from one. Your hands and the snap push you back to two feet from which your pike fall off the two feet and arms already popped up from the floor take you into your back handspring and on …

So we have one foot take off to two feet landing to two feet take off to usually but not always a two feet landing to carry on. And the landing must be solid.

A simiiar insistence on rhythm occurs to me in sentences or rather my sentences insist on forming themselves or emerging along some kind of rhythmic line.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I find my appetite for acrobatic increases and I long to pick up another session every week, but am not sure about the how and where and whether.  Last week a woman remarked that she could see I have muscle memory when I was working with the coach on this backflip. It was sweet and reassuring, but perhaps a little generous. 25 years seems a long way back.

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