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Cleo 4-6

Cannot sleep between 4am and 6am. Very odd altogether. What’s happening between 4am and 6am that so appeals to my brain? I must have a chat to the birds and find out.

I wake with astonishing ideas in mind on completely useless things like how impractically to build a bookshelf. Or how to invent a bed that keeps the body only in one position (mousetrap bed) and other pointless entities that belong in outer space. Like visions of a garden I have not grown or sporting rebellion.

Last week I invented (realized after the fact) a completely new graveyard that I could practically plot and draw for you in this city … so vivid, utterly disappointing it does not exist.  And it’s not exactly easy to just rustle up your own graveyard. A pumpkin pie maybe. A salad perhaps. …. but a graveyard on an average Monday. All a bit Charlie Brown.

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  • Madame Beespeaker says:

    You should really go with that graveyard idea. Did you know they have an artist in residence at the Mountainview Cemetery? She is very cool and the manager of the graveyard is quite progressive. I’d like to hear more about this. They are looking into artist-designed coffins and urns.

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