Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

It is funny how muscles remember. Initially they lull you to the illusion there’s not a bother on them and then as the time fades they become bothered and it’s in terribly poxy spots where you barely know you have muscles. They may not even be muscles at all they may be piddly ligaments. They could nearly be someone elses ligaments they’re so foreign to me. Like a little sword fight going on between me bones. A protest against the Olympic lockout.

They have a mad trampoline at the gymnastics facility. It’s the trampoline equiv of forty strength whisky. So powerful it could bounce you head first up a chimney. I’m v interested in the relationship to the knees, head in the proces. You can achieve height easily if you don’t bend your legs. But if you as much as tilt your chin — bow wow wow — you’ll veer sidewards or worse plant your face into a pile of foam. You can lift your hips as high as you like, and make all kinds of fancy shapes, but the tiniest tip of an eyelid and you’re thrown off. It’s amazing to be that high and to feel how a mm could change your fate. Perilous to attempt conversation, tho’ of course we do.

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