Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Had an inspired visit to the Mountain View Cemetery this evening. I’ve been trying to persuade a few folk to accompany me there, but no takers. Unfortunately I did get a bit confused and somehow thought there’d be a car park and ended up driving in, then panicking I wasn’t supposed to drive in, then got myself trapped trying to find a way out.

When I finally found an arrangement and re-entered the place I looked at two parts on either side of the road. I don’t entirely know what I expected to find in there, but it wasn’t what I found. I left with a bunch of questions, which is always very satisfying.

One of which was if your house or childhood home backs on to the graveyard do you wander over and ride your bike or play hockey in it. I noticed a couple strolling through and two adults skateboarding.

There are also great big patches where no one seems to be buried at all and they’re constructing some strange, unattractive breeze block structure whose purpose is unclear. The sign says Mountain View where Vancouver Remembers. But I misread it at first as Mountain View where Vancouver Remains .. and I keep thinking it would make a better sign.

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