Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Shaker loops

Small man and I were introduced to John Adams Shaker Loops today by his wonderful music mentor Mark in relation to a piece small man is composing on violin. I’ve always been interested in the relationship between musical scoring and shaping and narrative and tried to write whole parts of my first novel based on what was underneath the text rather than in the text. That novel which has not yet become a book has instead become a box (it fails somewhat spectacularly in both incarnations) at the moment in BLIM gallery window installation STORAGE, which opens shortly in its fantastic new space in Chinatown on Pender St.

As we were introduced to this piece, we learned about events in the music and layering and cells and well, small man understood much more than I who was just fortunate enough to be ear wigging nearby.


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