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IWD with SM & LMOP

The Small Male and I celebrated International Women’s Day with three episodes of Little Mosque on The Prairie. I commenced knitting a new shawl with the “hundreds and thousands” (sprinkles?) rainbow wool I purchased in an extremely extravagant gesture for the not so costly tag of 4.50 for 6 balls. The pre-festive watching was celebrated with a game of online LMOP curling. Small male is a demon online curler, complete with curling lingo. Mama is a bit more butter fingered and kept managing to click without bloody clicking and disaster ….

Every time there was any mention of Rayann getting married in our three episodes, small male tried to fast forward the show. Given the entire show hinges on Rayann getting almost married, not quite married and inevitably married to you-know-who this is a considerable amount of fast forwarding. Eventually he conceded the FF button and stuffed his head under a pillow instead.

I remember stuffing my head behind a pillow during Cagney & Lacey in my twenties, anytime anything actually happened other than boiling the kettle and answering the telephone or opening a drawer. I was just laughing to myself here that perhaps “sous le pillow” is genetic. He has 10 years on me, but we didn’t have a telly when I was a child, hence holy terrors at the sight of Cagney & co later on.

It was a perfect day today, except for a resounding headache that finally ceased a few hours ago.

My partner, wonderfully, thought today was a public holiday. Such admirable optimism.

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