Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Small people are called small people because some of us possess small bones and small bodies. Otherwise they’d be call tall or medium people. We aren’t tiny or cute we’re just ordinary, small or short, people and just to confuse the matter some have very large feet, hands, tummies. Please stop telling me to grow bigger arms. My arms are indeterminately stubborn and refuse to conform even to number 10 dumb bells and handsprings, therefore no random yammerer is going to stand much a chance demanding of them. I’ve had a chat to them, they don’t listen to me.

I’ve great admiration for tall people. I want them to stay tall. I am glad someone can reach the hanging loops on the bus. I am glad there’s someone to ask to reach things down from the top shelf. I don’t want their arms to change in the slightest.

I have managed to grow a looking-likely-to-be-taller-than me any day person. I feel like I’ve amply contributed to the population bigger than me and should be left in peace to be a hummingbird.

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