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Recently I have come across male arrogance (and it’s conjoined force dismissal)  on a towering, leaning tower of Pisa level. It’s just remarkable how such individuals could possibly find themselves so unquestionably interesting on everything, even that which they have no hope of ever knowing and systematically continue to plough their unfertilized mental fields with the delusion their every thought and winkle is sublime. Now the curious thing is how such individual males manage to draft themselves together into neat, hermetic gatherings, which facilitate further squatting on oxygen to then intoxicate each other further. What follows is back clattering during which it’s a miracle none sustain a collapsed lung.

When exposed to this trying scenario, I am reminded that no granny would be proud of such specimens and then imagine such a granny giving him a good clout, in the way that only a dignified granny could deliver it verbally or with the back of dustpan.

If such arrogance were to be bottled it might be capable of powering small vehicles that would alas be prone to back firing and loud clutch problems.

God save us from the patriarchy, just as you think things have long changed, voila Jello! you’re looking at the same old pudding.

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  • deedledo says:

    Bain mé taithneamh as an bpíosa seo – lucky you’re not working for the EU. My b/f was on a rant the other day about non intellectual males having the most luck with women, and why women choose such specimens. This wa after Finland lost the ice hockey..not just lost, were battered senseless but the Kanes and the Malones and we did happen to be sitting in a bar with lots of non intellectuals. Ranting he likes to do..

  • mrsokana says:

    Bhí lá atá inniu ann ar an nuacht oíche scéal faoi underwear. An nuacht tráthnóna, ní earthquakes, nó rud éigin eile, ach … Cad a tharla le linn? Tá mé le do fhear ar an ranting ach gan haca oighir, más rud é riamh a chonaic mé eile bata raibh mé in ann a bheith ina bean sona.
    Oíche maith a gra.

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