Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Today I need to be fired out of a canon like Hunter. If I begin to balloolalaloola on the Olympic siege and all that I witnessed today that had me cross-eyed with the scale of this lugh-nacy I would have to enter the canon. It is not easy to find a canon in the street I live on. Just like it’s not so easy to find a post box these days.

Instead I turn my attenton to sharing that I read Raymond Queneau’s essay The Technique of the novel today and I read it as I passed through some of the lugh-nacy. I like his circular, pause, calculations, removal from those calculations and how he sets up rhythm within them. (“Removed the scaffolding and syncopated the rhythm”).

So much is currently being imposed on us here in Vancouver that we must hope somehow to figure out a way to remain intact within all that has been calculated on our behalfs. I am tired of being “instructed”. Our public spaces have been invaded. I’ve yet to witness anything that relates to sports whatsoever. (Indeed my weekly gymnastics training is actually closed for a month! ) The thrust seems to be a non stop proclamation to the world on security. An advertorial.  Today I watched a man be told he could not rummage in a bin. “Not here, you can’t do that here.” A young buck of a guard told him.

Remove the scaffolding and syncopate the rhythm.

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