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An overnighter at the Emergency Room with a misbehaving kidney and mother morphine. What an intransigent organ! Was just talking to a friend about how we form relationships with these organs when they make their presence known in inconvenient ways.

If I hadn’t been blinded with pain, I would have looked more closely for the relationships that sit in the plastic chairs. Grown up children who wait with parent/parents who are looking for answers. Instead I was acutely grateful for the invention of i/v, for antibiotics, for access to such things and the eventual pain relief. Was trying to contemplate where the mind would go if such relief never came, which for many with no access, is the case. But was in too much pain to reach any conclusion.

Good old Canadian Healthcare. I won’t have a bad word said against it. It’s been good to me. Helped me let that kidney know whose in charge!

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  • Madame Beespeaker says:

    Whoa darlin’. Hope you are okay. Get some rest now.

  • mrsokana says:

    Thanks Madame Bee,

    Acute pain situation. You know how it is, relief cometh. You’re grateful, then humbled, starry eyed. Then you begin thinking about the people under the rumble and those who need dialysis and can’t get it.

    There’s something in the ability of a human to relieve another human of pain – a quiet, underrated magic.

  • heldel says:

    A ghrá, ca a tharla duit. Pian pain..iomarca pian. Cuir scéal chugham agus inis dom cén staid ina bhfuil tú.

    Like the two comments ypu received (previous post)..
    ag féachaint ar seanchlár ar Thuaisceart Éireann..scary what was.
    beir bua x

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