Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

word tree

I received a most marvellous creation from the not so small Puffin yesterday. He disappeared behind the couch, claiming he was going to wrap something for me, with a bunch of paper and the repeated clicking of a stapler provided an interesting rhythm. There was so much clicking I began to wonder if he could possible be wrapping. The insistent don’t look, don’t look … I continued to knit the uneven stripy burgundy and green Dr Who style tie (recession xmas in these parts) and he kept insisting are you looking?

Eventually after much anxious demanding for a cardboard box containing a years worth of tax receipts “I need THAT box!”

the creation emerged draped by a tea towel

It was a stunner. A bunch of cone like paper creations, different heights inside a box wrapped in two snowflakes.  It’s called a word tree he explained pointing out the recycled paper (printed up discarded novel) he’d endlessly stapled into cones was full of words. The hugging of the two paper snowflakes also delicately created between the stapling around the box was also touching and thoughful.

I expired with joy. Some moments are mighty. (Especially on a day filled with dementing moments) A word tree, what a great concept.

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