Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

bouncin’ left

The banjaxed left arm has bounced me into new territory: even more respect for left handed people, since anyone doing anything with the left arm raises me up, and armless gymnastics.

Just as the arm settles and I think yaboodle it’s back, the smallest amount of weight and it issues a whole new protest.

Hier soir at my gymnastics session I had to convene with the somersault obsessed males (mainly snowboarders I think and martial arts) on the epic trampoline. Stuck between two of them banging on about positive thinking (guck) I let out my stream of pessimism between bouncing up to front somersault off the end into a crash mat. The lads were tremendous assuring me between every bounce that i was wrong so much so I had to invoke Barbara Ehrenrich (of Nickel and Dimed).

Next bouncer took his place central tramp station and emitted a spout that it’s the easiest thing in the world for an author to write a “gimmicky” book (not a direct quote, but something of that sentiment).  I protested Barbara as far from what he suggested as he was from upright as he turned a sideways peculiar move.

And when I followed and took my turn in a moment of severe injustice, my brain derailed between a pike jump and a front somersault and I landed flat on me head…. to a chorus of that’s what you get for ….

I went on … I went on to set up  for backward somersaults rolling off a vault, with no burble to accompany it, the move closer to preparing to go into out of space. My move.

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