Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

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Another  arctic trek and late night to convene with DM Fraser’s books. There are three titles (in addition to Class Warfare) on the shelves at the univ library. One of them Prelude appears to be a complete works, but it’s hard to be certain. Another blue cover what the heck is the name of it?? …was published posthumously.  Basically they contain many of the same stories. I like the idea of reading single stories in the different books rather than only reading them in the same book. Just because.

He does very interesting things around place, sometimes by creating what is not in a place to create the place. His sense of place is also informed less by signage and description and more by the way people behave in a place and when that is captured we know precisely where we are.

His is a flexible voice and reassuring the way he maintains casual encounters with pronouns, the same way people pass us in the street. Our eyes do not remain on them once they’ve passed. A hand runs through a peg bag to take out a peg that’s only advantage is it didn’t slip from our fingers. The hand doesn’t need to establish anymore than it’s a peg.

I like a degree of flexibility around pronouns that English can sometimes not permit.

Tomorrow I will post some of his arranging of words that delight me so much.  So much that I take icy cold treks out to retrieve them.

Bataille meanwhile contains to usurp the homefront. My Mother in particular.

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