Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

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Georges, Georges. Beckett did mention you, but it took me a while to find you. I am having to strictly limited my consumption to L’Abbe C in between vital bouts of hoovering and household chores because I could happily suspend all daily activities including breathing and delight only in this prose.

Mr Bataille has already solved 2 and a half of my problems. This will be a vital acquaintanceship.

I love these chance encounters I have with the shelves @ VPL. I met DM Fraser this way. I only found Mr Bataille today because Angela Carter had disappeared down the back of her shelf (2 copies imagine) and a diligent man was furrowing around out the back trying to locate her, so I ambled up shelf and on the down low shelf an orange book flicked through and some sentences caught my eye and I went from there to his fiction, and to desk and afternoon bliss.

I resent the challenges of access to resources that I want to read, but every time such a challenge presents there are rewards beyond the drag of the initial challenge. It’s a petrol of urgency for the written word.

If i have a thought and I need a book to consider that thought against, I want that book now precisely when I have that thought. Often I may not have the book. It may require a bedraggled cold tramp in the rain (not always successful) to obtain it, but in that tramp there’s something else to trip on. Somehow the lack of instant access (whether it be printed book or online journals) makes the final encounter that much more appreciated or richer. Especially in the matter of journal articles because a hunger has been created by the abstract. There’s also crushing disappointment if it turns out to be a dry table of figures and one paragraph of some bunk that doesn’t live up to the abstract. Today that were not the case! It was blue, it was bound, it was compelling.

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