Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


Was watching a video piece (The video documentary Colony (2006) by Cinema Suitcase) ce soir firstly sans audio and secondly with audio. In listening and watching I also moved closer to the screen on the second innings.

Earlier in the soiree my son was watching a Scooby Doo episode with audio and subsequently without. The second innings was on a substansially bigger screen. He rejected the first because it kept hopping, and preferred it soundless rather than hopping.

There may be much to be said for watching things twice: first no sound and second add sound. Unless it’s Scooby Doo which the opposite appears to satisfy.  I say this because once I heard the piece, I saw another piece, that added to the first piece I’d watched.

Sometimes I get very confused watching documentaries and films therefore if I watched them in two incarnations I wonder if the confusion would lessen. I think it’s because one’s own imaginative narratives invade the actual narrative and one can become quite convinced the imaginative narrative is the actual narrative until you stands outside on the pavement in the rain and compares notes with the person sat next to you throughout it.  It’s never uninteresting since a whole other has emerged. Just requires a bit of explication. Or not if you are more inspired by the other. Or your other person on the pavement may offer the suggestion that what you thought you saw was more interesting than what you actually saw. Or dismay can set in at what you may have missed if it cannot easily be recouped in another sitting. What lies between what’s said and what’s heard being of course it’s very own colony.

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