Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


I was thinking today about empty buildings and new buildings and why we empty one and fill the other. I was thinking about this because I was sitting in an empty building, converted to an instant vaccination clinic. I was sitting in a place where so many other activities had gone on, sports, basketball, badminton, tango dancing, baby drop in, toddler gym, etc and today it had immediately assumed a new purpose and adapted to it instantly: giant clinic.

Perhaps it was that all these resources had been pulled from around the city into this recently emptied building to respond and administer these vaccinations. There was something redolent of a useful siege or takeover that was compelling because it worked so well. A system that was functioning inside a building that had been recently deemed no use.

The odd thing is I’ve only recently become accustomed to utilising that building: this seems ever the way in Vancouver just as you’re growing vaguely attached to something. Ding Dong wreckers ball. It’s like pastry the folds itself over and the crease attempts to disappear.

Didn’t buildings used to have multiple purposes?

The other thing I noticed now I am more often inside a car is how little of any building you see, except your final destination. On foot the details of everything are so much more apparent.  You do notice different vistas in cars though, they’re significantly different from those a pedestrian takes in. Much more dominated by line and lights.

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