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So my little flutter into our power situation has produced even more of determination to have more info on the wind. Really if people were a little more clued into the weather, life would just be a great deal merrier.

In a very quick bout of reading, I came across a few sites — there’s v little mention of where we’re buying the 20 percent power we’re not producing from. This I am v curious about. I am so curious I’d like to know the precise town or turbine it’s created.

I did find this from July an examination of why the BC Utilities Commission reject BC Hydro’s long term plan. I recall during the election there was a lot of focus on the BC Liberals silent plans to privatise rivers and BC Hydro or some madness.

In my small effort to get off the grid that unfortunately did not produce much of result, I did learn how significantly difficult it is to generate power. I was able to generate 12 volt power that needed to be converted and in that conversion a great deal was lost.  Another friend said marine batteries were the way to go, so that’s another route. Basically most of the scuppering occurred because I plugged the panel into the wrong hole and hence no charge was created.

There’s lots of ingenuity out there and hopefully garage, kitchen pioneers will start building small devices involving clothes pegs and circuits that will be open source and shortly we can create them to power the fridge.

There was such a movement of home inventors in the 1950’s. Some of the inventions and entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in the bag of the Homes and Gardens type mags from that era. I have a bunch and will describe some of the ads in another post.

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