Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


Played snooker or pool or whatever the table, blue chalk, triangle and solid balls in the holes adds upto with two women ce soir who were spectacular at it. Due to three players, one woman, had to take her turn for each of the two players. I do not everrecall playing snooker or pool, I have seen the men in waistcoats playin’ it on the telly and may have waved at cue at the table on another occasion. These two women, claiming to know nothing and be terrible, were astonishing. A shot behind the back and under the arm, a bounce it off the bottom and back up the top and something pops into another hole. I was very adept at putting the white ball in the hole without it touching any ball whatsoever.

The surface of the table not green but purple.

I think I prefer watching tennis but pool is possibly more compelling than badminton.

More importantly watched the marvellous C Snatch Z (pronounced shh. Snatch) perform two pieces. Her pieces are cohesive in their colour, sound, rhythm, language, politik, image with dance as the central tenet. Her physicality is mesmerizing and how it informs and coalesces with these other aspects. Her risk is infused with intelligence.  We were talking briefly about contemporary dance after and she mentioned a Japanese form of visual art dance, something I’d never heard of.

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