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Du vent Vancouver

Very reassuring windy night. The forecast says 17km per hr, (upto 50km) but I suspect it’s more km. I am loving the melancholic tones of autumn in the city. Summer is so bright and blue, which has it’s own immediate charms, but autumn can put you in the trenches and gather you in like no other. And it’s a much more interesting auditory time of year. Summer sounds can be obscured in the whirrs of fans everywhere and people declaring how lucky we are when the sun shines.

According to the BC Weather Book, one of my weather refs, storms formed in the gulf of Alaska are moving Eastward. Now I did check for a section on wind and nada. I’d like to know more about the particular vent that blowing outside the window.  BC is so broad a geographic area, that really we could use a weather book specifically for Vancouver. One for the Island.  Heck why not publish one just about Campbell River? Infact I wouldn’t mind a guide to the weather on the precise street I live on.

I must acquire a way of measuring the wind speed. I cannot be doing with such vagueness.

There is a suggestion of flurries on Thursday. A forecast will be forthcoming, once a suitable paragraph reveals itself.

Fairly soon I will have to start paying my annual attention to the weather in Edmonton also.

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