Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


It was suggested to me last night at a literary gathering that I should watch The Beachcombers. Given that my history of television viewing is a bit limited I decided to give a warm up sprint of viewing before this undertaking of Flash Gordon. A remastered DVD I picked up for 50 cents. Myself and the small Puffin enjoyed some restorative post Halloween supine viewing of Flash.

It took me a great deal longer than him to figure out who Flash Gordon was. How’d you know it’s him? I’d suggested it was another fella. Easy he said I looked at the cover of the DVD and he’s identical. I temporarily could not quite see the resemblance and must get my eyes tested a toute vitesse. If you cannot recognize Flash this is a serious impediment.

We so enjoyed indulging in the Christmas present head dresses and brilliant bouncy spring machine with light bulbs on the end — very Wheel of Fortune — against which Flash agus a chairde were pressed and buzzed by the villains. The fab desk that looked like the ledge in the bank and the purposeful dialogue: “Well hello there Gordon.” at the denouement.

A perfect episode and still 2 more to go and yet another ww2 Pacific aviation adventure waiting before we comb the beach territory.

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