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These are notes (and subsequent links) I wrote while listening to Steve McCaffrey talk loosely around the topic of a multitude of topics. (Lacan was an entry point at some point) He’s a very interesting, including bloke. Initially I struggled to understand much of what he was talking about, hence there are a few pointers on how I might improve my bathroom cleaning, but eventually I settled and simmered with him and the conversation. Mainly I just grabbed words out of the air that were floating past me. Some of the names I am not familiar with hence dubiousmos spelling. This is an attempt to document what exists in auditory, no context acquisition, and what the precise words really are and relate to. Sort of like listening to any foreign language. Amendments will be added in another colour.

Badiou, multiplicity

irrefutable rhetoric

scrubbing the tub

questioning of transcindental position

lusian (sp?) position

Should have got bleach for the toilet.

propositional nature. Conceptual persona

populated with subjectivity

but. but. but. but. but

letters on thinking

letters on humanism letter on humanism

allusion to next name

rogues language

Francis Grose

Dictionary of slang

Samuel Johnson

establish orthography, class war impossible, sorry that should be class war imposition of corporate language on minimum wage workers

Wittgenstein, Dictionary of errors

end of carnival, standardisation of language.

Mass mediation. Hysterics discourse. Question. You think you’ve changed things: what is the measure of that change?

Humility: what it can be, what it can’t be? Language takes itself out of language

Philosophy trying to get rid of metaphysics.

Poetics of the local, poetics of monstration (sp?). Neoliberalism. ethics of humility. Politics without party/effect change

Airport limo driver. Focus of energy in relation to work.

How does desire operate? You can’t isolate desire, perpetual deferment.

How does subjectivity play out in notion of nation?

Constructed national identities

Areas that need emancipation.

Aristotle Acedia. Accidie

Spasmodics: male abjection. Sydney Dobela (sp?) Tennyson. Byron: man from McCain (oven chips) Cain maybe! Manfred maybe!

The Death Walk Necromon. Mushima. Mishima (Yukio Mishima)

Social subversion gay subject

Desire for non desire This may have been no desire.

No social imagination beyond capitalism.

Languages of overarching structure. Working thru the structure. Moments of access. Bataille looking to precapitalist notions.

Shiftiness topographical the shiftiness.

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