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Way behind with uploading articles so have to fling a few up here til I update the decayed sideboard of higgledy piggledy display of my articles/reviews.

Globe and Mail: Buried Treasure essay on Helen Potrebenko’s unique and important 1975 novel Taxi!

Please come and join the Taxi! resurrgence @ Buy the book, read the book, send a copy of a pic of your feet to  Send your thoughts and exhalations on Taxi!

Globe and Mail review James Kelman Kieron Smith boy

Globe and Mail review Kathleen Norris Acedia & Me should be knocking about somewhere on line, but can’t find it this instant. Will upload if it fails to google itself up.

I have about 5 other hybrid style articles mostly on children and reading type topics that are easily found on google with a search.Will round them up when I have a second. They cover junior graphic novels, late summer reading suggestions for children and more.

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