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Weather forecast #2 from 36 hours ago: The Miss Julie forecast

Yes I can hardly keep abreast of the demands of literary weather forecasting, but here is the second forecast! Keep submitting paragraphs, we are powered by the current of suggestions. 36 hours behind the weather pattern, approx 45 years behind the rest of the world in every other area.

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  • Miss Julie says:

    Saw the forecast with Kalina. She was trying to figure out how old Beckett was when he died from the jacket of that book. What a wise 11 year old he might have been. Good work! from the genderless one. And thank you for your kind comments.

  • mrsokana says:

    I believe he was 89 when he died but would have to check it.

    Thanks to Kalina. We are but a shadow of her inspired web persona. Puffin’ to catch up with her.

    I suspect Sam the man was partial to a bit of cricket at onze ans.

    The book is the first installment of his letters. Mighty it is.

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