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Front of the van

Was thinking today of van music. There was a comedian in Dublin who used to do a musical skit on Christy Moore’s Lisdoonvarna called “Back of the van.”  I must trek for Christy tunes.

Found it! Woodie rather than Christy The Puffin used to listen to this when he was three.

The van still has the attractive orange light on, but has conceeded to start, so I am enjoying driving only the country roads in the city. i.e anything with a speed bump since no other person in their right mind wants to drive along them and I have them all to myself.

Met a mechanic in a lift today and between the two floors he told me how he fell in love with the world.

Another young fella helped me at the petrol pump because I was too short to see it and to be honest couldn’t recall how the petrol pump worked in relation to the hole in the side of the van and my hair kept getting in front of my glasses and the great thing about driving again is I have to wear my glasses and so the entire world looks just a bit different. Mobility compacts time and geography.

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