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Further thoughts on thinking about what Mr Murakami thought about when he was running, now that I have stopped running

Mr Murakami did not mention the hallucinations likely caused by pneumo deprivation. Like for example the other day before I had officially stopped running and was still running I saw Joe Biden sitting on a park bench wearing a pressed white shirt.  Joe Biden remained on the bench deep in thought on my second lap and I did not do a third lap so for all I know he’s still sitting there.

At the time he was rumoured to be in debate camp, but my eyes saw him on a park bench in a different country. And he was very pensive, which is vice presidential unlike the other peut etre VP twit who appears to be on non stop audition for a barn dance and might form some coherent sentences if she actually sat down on a bench.

Anyway I digress.

But if, after my paltry efforts at the sport of running, I induce visions of Biden; imagine the visions Mr Murakami has had, and omitted to tell us about. By mile 58 he surely should have been getting a peek at T-Rex (as in the dino, not the band), JFK (since oxygen deprived hallucinations appear to have a political theme). This is likely the truth behind Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. She’s real alright, but she’s international. A weekly acquaintance of anyone pacing about, torturing the achilles.

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