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Crikey, think I just alighted upon my true calling….though Environment Canada are so conservative in their assessments. We’ll be deluged with epic rain and their assessment will read “light drizzle”.

CANWARN is the Canadian Weather Amateur Radio Network.  These are amateurs supporting Environment Canada with eyeball reports of severe weather as it passes through their area.  Environment Canada can watch storms coming through on radar and satellite imagery, but they cannot see what is happening UNDER the clouds. 

A note of caution before readers get to ecstatic and race off to sign up:


CANWARN members are not storm chasers.  Rather than chasing the weather, we wait for the weather to come to us! 

I am co-operating fully with the later instruction, merely keep my close encounters to ruminating on the radars of places I’ve never been. I wish this font would be similarly co-operative.

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  • Lori W. says:

    Sounds like it’s all right as long as it’s just your eyeballs chasing the storm–but I’m sure CANWARN takes no responsibility for detached retinas. Did you know you can get some kind of weather-watch program at your school?

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