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Hairy Relief

In these orchestra slashing (poor beleagured CBC radio orchestra), and writer shafting times, it’s rare enough to find a moment of advantage (once you don’t include obvious improvements in cholera, polio, public hanging etc) but today I chanced upon an advantaged moment to being a writer in this century, at this most inhospitable of writerly times …

“A hairy face was required of writers in the mid nineteenth century…”

From Claire Tomalin’s Thomas Hardy The Time-Torn Man. (p92 Penguin).

I have been reading Tomalin’s very enjoyable biography of Hardy in tandem with an equally intriguing history of Iraqi football. Perhaps an unusual pairing, but I wonder of other such pairings, where folks read distinctly different books at that same time.

Post your pairings.


2 Responses to “Hairy Relief”

  • laura says:

    I am reading Evelyn Waugh’s diaries, and Modern Toss. And quietly enjoying your blog, which i found through Jenny Diski’s links, about a year ago.

  • Mrs O'Kana says:

    I think The Puffin will be very enamoured to Modern Toss, so thank you for that. His recent ecletic pairing was a bible-sized Glenn Gould biography and three copies of the Mr Men.

    I love your stories of poor mangled cat and not so mangled wheelchair and meant to add your blog to my links seven centuries ago after that epic shoe exhibit, but was and remain perpetually disorganized.

    Here it is: in case I get distracted en route to the left hand quartier and fail to click the right contortion of boxes.

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