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Autumn weather and brains

It’s Autumn so necessary to nest with my two Autumnal obsession the weather and the brain.

 And how we’ve been tantalized by prospects of windy weather that has not actually landed. Tropical storm Ling ling’s leftovers joined us yesterday. It was like the dumping of a giant melting icecube. Seemingly we’re going to experience La Nina weather cycle this year. Last year’s big storm prompts the reoccuring image of trees falling straight through houses. 

 And on the brain, of which we truly know so little, two fine BBC Radio 4 program links:

 This one is all about the science of acquiring and learning languages

 Image Of A Troubled Mind

Brain scanning is perhaps the most extraordinary and powerful technique scientists have for exploring how people’s brains work. Dr Mark Lythgoe, a neuroscientist at London’s University College, investigates whether it will ever help those who have mental illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia.

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