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This month being Breast Cancer Awareness Month I was asked in the supermarket checkout by a charming, chubby faced male in a pink wig and tutu if I’d like to donate. I agree. He offers a plastic pen or a pin in return. It struck me that whomever had the task of manufacturing the pen or pin was likely exposed to the possibility of four other cancers in the process of making it and likely lives in a country where access to cancer treatment is limited.

Our dust vs leaves friend I hope will be able to dutifully inform us what the various toxins are.

 The pink wig insisted there were 26 pen factories in our Province. I loved his precision and would happily ingest whatever it is he’s taking that creates such worthy delusions esp if it’s available at Safeway. Their stance on fish farms causes a pause for prayer and wonderment also. How exactly are we supposed to get the omega 3 blah blah if the lice are nibbling the bejesus out of the wild salmon we’re supposed to eat to prevent cancer. Suddenly the pink balloon doth not fly so deft.

Here is a great blog on the experience of breast cancer:

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