Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

o’gloomy: repent

Here are some antidotes to the glooms:

 First this is a delightful piece on Hepburn by Heather Rose Ryan and includes Miss K’s brownie recipe. What a treat! I could actually be converted to cooking on the basis of it. Sequential inabilities mean recipes always fail me, but surely Miss Katherine’s wouldn’t

 Eleanor Wachtel now has many of her audio interviews archived, ‘specially pertinent for folks across the water, Check out Elaine Scarry for a reminder to look upwards.

 Or Colm Toibin because he’s an interesting man to listen to and there’s a moving anecdote about his mother and his bridge playing brother that has the familiar ring of every teapot and kitchen table. Honest, not pitying.

or Hermione Lee on Edith Wharton because she’s funny and smart and knows her stuff.

There’s also been a recent focus on Turkish writers

 Finalement there’s Elgar. (this programme is only avail til next Thurs)

In the week marking Elgar’s 150th anniversary, four commentators reflect on aspects of Elgar in the context of his time and after, exploring the contradictions and enigmas in his complex and paradoxical personality.

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