Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


This brain business is very exhausting. So far all I have ascertained is human brain weighs the same as an average frozen chicken (3 pounds). In the bookshop had an unfortunate time trying to negotiate the neurology titles, which for some peculiar neurologically challenged decision were filed beside books with blasterish titles in orange capitals like: The verbally abusive man — will he ever change? And lilac, pale green books, that have taken over as gifts, where previously the recipient would be given a box of talcum powder and a puff.

I’m deeply suspicious of books that stick Mozart in the title. Mozart has a monopoly on having a brain it seems.

 Salvation may however be on its way however as Nightwaves on BBC Radio 3 and the Free Thinking Festival have the following scheduled for Dec 13th, 2006.

Free Thinking Festival

Wednesday 13 December 2006 21:30-22:15 (Radio 3)

More highlights from the Free Thinking Festival of Ideas recorded in Liverpool in November.

Henry Marsh, one of Britain’s leading neurosurgeons, delivers a lecture on the brain and the memory.

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