Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


This is what the brain needs. A blast of Shosto.

Tried giving it some exercise today because it hasn’t had any for a very long time and the brain people claim it likes it. After 4 mins according to the dottish clock, what felt to be at least 19 mins by my knee tendons, being of short stature, struggled to find the stop button on this stepping yoke machine, I managed to physically fall off it. This was followed by a bout of that dizzy, trembling they warn you about in the posters. I discovered an additional pulse in my abdomen and retired.  I will repeat the experience only because my brain and cardio pipes do very well with only 7 mins total of it and the alternative will be looking for a new hip on ebay.

 Recovery was possible with this piece of music.

It’s only available for a mere matter of days, so get a blast while you can.

Something up with that link .. it’s expired but here’s another lunchtime blast: Shosto comes in at the end, after the first two.

The first piece in that last link did not agree with my particular neurological picnic.

 This is more like it: lovely anecdotes at the beginning of this concert about him being a late starter, football coach and deeply suspicious of the postal service sending postcards to himself to check it worked.

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