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Radio 3 Misunderstood Perhaps?

Just caught a glimpse of this on the paper:

Changes to BBC Radio 3’s schedule that will come into force early next year were revealed yesterday, amid rumours that the station is planning to reduce its output of live music.

Radio 3’s controller, Roger Wright, insisted that he was not planning to significantly increase the number of shows that rely on excerpts from concerts rather than the complete programme. “That’s rubbish,” he said. “We’re doing full concerts. We are not going to do excerpts, we’re going to do concerts.” The rumours, he said “come from a complete misunderstanding of what we do, leave alone what we are going to do”.,,1940568,00.html

 I haven’t the foggiest notion whether they are understood or otherwise but it reminded me of the wonderful Beethoven experience they did some time back where we could download these less well known symphonies.

That put me onto Radio Three and some of its delights.  The only trouble is the archive’s a bit dodgy, especially with the night? arts programme. You can get all excited about some interview last week, only to discover there’s no possible way you can hear it again.

I’m woefully uneducated about classical music, unless an abstract fondness for the cello counts, but it and Irish language broadcasting are the two things I can listen to when scribbling. I suspect only a vague grasp on what’s happening in both cases is the reason why.

Anyway here are my two leading comforters: “respect” as Mr G would say: agus

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